Póppera RED

Póppera is a performing arts studio founded by Iago Hermo aiming to create and develop contemporary ópera and music theatre.

Based in the Netherlands, but with an international perspective, the studio started its activity with the creation of the multimedia chamber ópera Cidade sen luz (City without light), with both text and music created by Iago Hermo himself. This project, premiered in July 2019 at the Muziekgieterij in the city of Maastricht (The Netherlands), during the M4 Musich Theatre Festival, was the first attempt to create a multimedia ópera, mostly through the use of electronic music and digital scenery. For this performance Mareike Zimmermann took the stage direction and the Studio de Mann (Amsterdam), developed the digital scenery.

The Póppera studio focuses in specific aspects of the new performing arts creation:
-Developing projects that can be easily performed in several locations in a short period of time.
-Working on a multimedia basis: focus in the use of electronic music and digital scenery.
-Cultural diversity as a main core of the studio, mainly creating projects culturally attached to a specific geographic are, or using languages usually not present in the ópera performances.

Based on these 3 main goals, the Póppera looks forward to cooperate with organizations, institutions and artists with a similar approach and a wide view of the artistic creation.

Music introduction of Cidade sen luz

Photos by: Dorina Kappatou