The Ópera/Music theatre group is a project designed and lead by Iago Hermo and the PÓPPERA looking forward to create small amateur ópera productions with the following goals:

  • Promoting ópera among the general audience through their participation in the production of their own plays.
  • Stimulating innovation in the field of ópera creation (including new instrument and techniques, the use of new technologies, etc.).
  • Learning about music, performing, scenery design and other artistic needs in a nice and stimulating environment.
  • Promoting team work through the “performances”: tasks and responsibilities towards making the production possible.

This workshop consists on weekly lessons in which the students would get some basic knowledge of singing/music playing and performing, as well as the whole process of creating a small ópera production to be performed at the end of the education period. All of this meant in a funny way, so the group will enjoy every step done.

For this purpose, the first Amateur Ópera group will start at the Cultureel Centrum ‘t Fijnhout, in the city of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

The lessons will take place every Tuesday starting next October 2nd, from 19:00 till 20:30. It is possible to make a group in with Spanish as the main language, but only if at least 10 people ask for it. Otherwise, the workshop will be 100% in English.

You will find more information, as well as the fees and discounts in the pdf below. Questions? Do you want more information? Contact me through and I will reply as soon as possible.

See you there!


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