Music lessons

Iago Hermo offers regular courses in the following subjects:

-Music Composition

With more than 9 years of experience as a teacher in several institutions in Spain (Escola de Música de Rianxo, Asociación Músico-Cultural “Solfa” -Santiago de Compostela) and the Netherlands (Muziekcentrum Zuidoost – Amsterdam-), Iago Hermo offers high quality music education courses for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

How are the lessons?

Based on a standard educational structure related to the content learning, the courses and the lessons are always adapted to the specific characteristics of every student: personality, music taste, goals, skills, etc. A modern pedagogical approach to the music education is the main core of the courses, looking forward to create the right environment during the lessons to learn the different concepts and practical needs in the best way possible. The lessons include Classical music, pop, rock, jazz, and other styles depending on the students’ musical taste.

At this moment the lessons are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Soon available in Dutch (starting January 2020) and Mandarin Chinese.

Booking system & payment

Are you interested in joining the courses? This is how it works:

The students decide how many lessons they want to book based on their own circumstances. This can be done using the contact form at the bottom of the page.
The teacher will send an invoice with the fee to be paid before the date of the first lesson.

It is possible to pay by transference/tikkie, iDeal and PayPal (currently being updated).

Fees, discounts and funds

This are the standard fees, based on regular weekly lessons, for the music lessons (taxes included):

-30 minutes               20€
-45 minutes               27,5€
-1 hour                            35€

An extra fee of 5€ would be charged for private lessons at the students’ own place.

There are discounts offered for students booking certain amounts of lessons:

-Booking 10 to 19 lessons                 5% discount
-Booking 20 to 29 lessons                 10% discount
-Booking 30 to 39 lessons                 15% discount
-Booking 40 lessons or more           20% discount

Iago Hermo offers as well a MUSIC FRIENDS SCHOLARSHIP

How does it work?
For every new student that joins the courses recommended by you
and makes a minimum required booking of 10 lessons, you’ll get a 5€ discount in your lessons fee for up to 6 months.
For example: If you have 30 minutes per week and you are paying the 20€ fee, if 4 of your friends join Iago Hermo’s courses with your recommendation, you’d be able to have lessons for free for 6 months!

All students younger than 16 years old joining the courses of Iago Hermo in the Muziekcentrum Zuidoost (Amsterdam) can apply for the subsidies granted by the JeugdCultuurfonds.

CityPass discount available too for students in the Muziekcentrum Zuidoost.

Location & schedule

The lessons take place in the Muziekcentrum Zuidoost (8 minutes walking from the train and metro station of Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena).

Days available:
Mondays (starting in December)

Terms & Conditions (changes, cancellations and refunds)

-Any change or cancellation for a lesson must be informed with at least 24 hours before the lesson. The teacher will then postpone this booked lesson for any other time convenient for both the student and the teacher.

-When the change or cancellation of the class is informed within 24 hours before the class, or not informed, it won’t be possible to postpone it or get any refund. It will count as a given lesson.

-When the teacher needs to change or cancel a lesson, he will always inform more than 24 hours in advance. If the cancellation happens within the 24 hours before the lesson, the teacher will offer an extra lesson free of charge.

-It will be only possible to get a refund for the booked lessons under specific circumstances (impossibility of one of the parts to continue with the lessons due to severe conditions, moving to a different location, etc.).

Booking lessons? Any question? Fill this form with it and you’ll get an answer within 48 hours.