A fussion between the old and new. Traditional and modern. Fussion of elements and perspectives. Making music for piano & electronics around the idea of BRUTAL

BRUTAAL is an evolution of all my previous work. As a pianist and composer, I want to look further into the possibilities of my instrument, and create music based on what I learn all time. As a learning process, Brutaal brought me to use electronic music in this project. Taking advantage of all the possibilities and flexibility that electronic sounds provide, combined with the main role of the piano on stage.

Why this name? Well, first of all, “Brutaal” is the Dutch translation of the word “brutal”. And, in the same time, it’s an exaggeration of the same word in my own native language: Galician. Just a pun in between two cultures I’m attached to: the first for being my current home, and the second for being my birthplace.

Brutaal is about “brutality”. But in a broad way: from artistic concepts, to dark moments in human history through what amazes me as a conscious person. Including elements learnt ouf of the amazing Korean traditional music (like Pansori or Gayageum Sanjo). Brutal as mechanically aggresive, and yet pleasant.

Just brutaal.