Iago Hermo dirixindo

Iago Hermo (1992. Rianxo, Spain) is a professional composer, pianist and conductor specialized in experimental, electronic music and modern ópera.

With a strong background in piano performing (bachelor achieved at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de A Coruña), and a master degree in music composition and contemporary music conducting (master achieved in the Conservatorium Maastricht with Vykintas Baltakas as his mentor), he has developed his very own way of creating and performing music, which allowed him to get one of the most difficult scholarships awarded by the SGAE Foundation (Spain), in 2017, to further study his master degree in prestigious international music institutions. Only 2 composers (including Iago himself) got the scholarship that year.

Iago has collaborated in several music festivals in Spain and the Netherlands, being the most recent the premiere of his project “Sferas…” (for piano, guzheng & electronics) during the “Xornadas de Música Contemporánea de Santiago de Compostela” (Galicia, Spain), and his music and arrangements have been performed in several countries: Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium and Japan.

After the premiere of his ópera “Cidade sen luz” in Maastricht, during the M4 Music Theatre Festival, he is currently developing his own modern ópera studio: the Póppera. A company meant to create and develop new ópera productions, focusing in the multimedia elements (digital design, electronic music, etc.). In the same time, he keeps teaching piano & keyboard in the city of Amsterdam, with more than 9 years of professional teaching experience.