About me

Iago Hermo dirixindo

My name is Iago Hermo, and I’m a composer, pianist and conductor specialized in contemporary music and stage performance creation for ópera and music theatre.

Having started as a Classical trained pianist (that’s a little lie, actually I first started playing the flute in my hometown’s band and then changed to the piano), I quickly developed and interest into performing and composing contemporary music. This is how I started researching, writing and performing experimental music mixing the piano and the sounds of the electronic music. My studies in Music Composition and Contemporary Music Conducting in Maastricht with Vykintas Baltakas helped me broadening my mind with this goal. This opened the chance to perform my music in different venues, festivals and countries, as well as been commissioned and performed from many around the world.

Besides my instrumental work, I started my own ópera/music theatre creation studio called Póppera, starting with the premiere of my multimedia ópera Cidade sen luz at the Muziegieterij in Maastricht (The Netherlands) in July 2019. Through this studio I work on the creation and development of theatrical/ópera creations using electronic music and digital sceneries.

I’ve been involved into education for more than 10 years in several schools, first in Galicia (Spain), and currently in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). 10 years of teaching piano, and later other subjects like music theory, composition and music conducting, that made me well aware of the huge profits and benefits of music education into people, both young and adult students. This is why, beside my artistic career, I hold my passion for teaching, the best I can, to every single one of the music lovers joining my courses.

“Music is the art of (dis)organizing sound”

This is what I create, what I perform, and what I teach.