The 4+1 Pi4+1ano Ensemble is an experiment  through the piano. Created by Iago Hermo with some other colleagues during his studies in the Conservatorio Superior de Música de A Coruña, this ensemble of 4 pianists quickly became one of the most innovative projects, both in the conservatory and the region of Galicia (Spain) itself.

This group formed by 4 pianists playing in only 1 piano is a result of the experimentation of the extended techniques applied to the piano. The result is a huge palette of sounds and colours that totally transform the piano in something else, sometimes even described like “orchestral”.

4+1 Piano Ensemble performed in several concerts and festivals like the MIHL-Sons XXI (Lugo), Espazo IXOR (A Coruña), Xornadas de Música Contemporánea (Santiago de Compostela), do Audible (together with Vertixe Sonora Ensemble, A Coruña) and several other concerts.